For Healthcare Professionals
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The past year has been tough for most of us, least of all healthcare professionals who have been on the frontline keeping our health system running. We imagine that you are busier than ever right now, so we hope that this easy-to-use information recourse is helpful to you. See our material on the lessons we can learn from this COVID-19 pandemic. The patient's voice is often left out, despite the fact that they are the reason for the discussion in the first place. See our previous EuHIC conferences all about making sure the patient comes fist.

This page presents the many fun film projects aimed at healthcare professionals that Stgilesmedical have been involved with. Explore the short videos covering various recent NICE guidelines and take a look at the recent film on the importance of having 'what matters to you?' conversations in the delivery of effective patient care. There is also the recording of an exciting webinar on apps in healthcare.

What matters to me conversations

Having meaningful conversations around what matters to your patient is essential throughout their life. It can make the difference between a peaceful, meaningful ending and a confusing, frightening one.​

This short film, produced by the EOLC Partners Think Tank, is based on 50 interviews conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic across the UK in 2020. It highlights the importance of 'what matters' conversations in the delivery of effective patient care from the perspective of professionals, and gives examples from clinical practice of how this approach can be incorporated into busy daily practice.

NICE guidelines

Watch these educational films intended for UK-based GPs and trainees, or anyone who is interested, on the recent NICE guidelines. They were developed for Univadis/Medscape by Stgilesmedical. You are seeing the draft versions, the final versions are available for free to registered medical practitioners on their website


(Please be aware that while NICE reviewed the content of these films, they did not initiate this project, nor do they endorse the contents.)

Apps in Healthcare

Watch the webinar hosted by Stgilesmedical on Apps in Healthcare. 

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