The Art of Being a Patient

Tony Pickering is a talented artist who now finds himself as a patient struggling to cope with Type 1 diabetes within a constrained health service.


During his MA in Illustration at Manchester Metropolitan University, he created the portfolio entitled 'The Art of Being a Patient'. His collection interrogates the realities faced by the patient with current medical science, including experiences from himself and his family and friends.

Tony will be exhibiting 'The Art of Being a Patient' collection at EuHIC 2018

'The Way Up'

'Why Developed'

'Far Away'

For others, the paths wind in different directions: the countdown of dementia – a draw towards the inevitable, a process of loss.

'Drop In'

I have sought to visually interrogate the relationship ... of the patient to illness and the structures of medicine: from GP to A&E, from clinic to lab and through into the day-to-day impact of the illness and (in the UK) the NHS on the lives of people – patients in society.