EuHIC 2018 Faculty

We have a multidiscipline faculty of patients, patient advocates, academics, healthcare professionals, representatives from industry, writers, designers and artists

Dr. med. Adrian Tookman

Medical Director of Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead, Clinical Director and Responsible Officer Marie Curie, Co-Chair PallE8 (Integrated Specialist Palliative Care System), Field Editor Cochrane, Palliative and Supportive Care.

Bastian Hauck

Founder of the Diabetes Online Community, Board Member of the Deutsche Diabetes-Hilfe Vorstand, Board Member of the International Diabetes Federation.

Achim Kautz

Communication scientist , specialist in advertising and marketing,Leberhilfe Projekt gUG, Cologne.

Prof. Dr. med. Andrew Krentz

Senior physician and clinical researcher with more than three decades of experience in academic medicine, translational medical science and medical education focused on diabetes and related metabolic disorders. 

Birgit Bauer

Social Media and Digital Health Expert, Co-Lead of Digital Media & Health Topic Group of the European Medicines Agency. Avid blogger regarding her experiences and raising awareness of multiple sclerosis.

Prof. Dr. med. Carlos Lifschitz

Paediatric gastroenterologist from the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston

Dr. med. Christine Oesterling

Trained as an Internist at the Chárite, now a Partner at Eastmead Surgery, Middlesex, London. 

Colleen Shannon

Independent Medical Writer, Editor, and Journalist specialising in Health and Medicine. Regular Columnist for The People's Friend, Experience in Arthritis and Emotion, Cancer, Palliative Care, Health in the Young and Children, Respiratory Medicine and Information for Patients and Family Members

Doris Schmitt

Coach for Doctor-Patient Communication Improvement, Co-Chair of the Biomaterial Bank Patient's Tumor Bank of Hope, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board German's Breast Cancer Association, Member of Bioethics Advisory Panel Pfizer, Executive Team EUPATI.

Dr. Esther Murray

Chartered and Registered Health Psychologist with an interest in wellbeing in medical students and doctors, social inequalities in health, and doctor patient communication. She ran an MSc in Health Psychology for a number of years and now teaches Health Psychology to MBBS students at Barts and she is course leader for the iBSc in Medical Education.

Dr. med. Friederike Siedentopf

Head of Department at the Breast Center, Martin-Luther-Hospital, Berlin, Gynaecologist and Psychotherapist with psychooncological focus.  

Ingo van Thiel

Medical journalist and patient advisor for the Deutsche Leberhilfe e.V. Editor for the "Lebenszeichen – das Lebermagazin”, Leberhilfe’s quarterly patients magazine which explains the science in liver disease in layman's terms. Participated as a patient representative in medical guidelines in hepatology, such as hepatitis B and C, fatty liver and autoimmune liver disease.

Kai Rüenbrink

Project manager of the Children Heart Foundation in the German Heart Foundation. Speaker of the “Action Alliance Congenital Heart Disease”

Dr. med. Christina Gerlach

Consultant, lecturer, and clinical scientist at the Department of Interdisciplinary Palliative Care of the University Medical Centre Mainz. Focuses include integration of palliative care with haematology and oncology.

Dr. Christoph Bischoff-Everding

CEO, HGC Healthcare Consultants GmbH, Düsseldorf

Dr. Diane Langenbacher

Senior Director Community Partnerships INTL leading Patient Advocacy in the International region at Intercept Pharma

Elisabeth Robson

Course coordinator of the Master programme Health Sciences at the HAW Hamburg. Her research focuses on health economics and gender. For her PhD she is  researching how pregnant women navigate the health care system when deciding on a place of birth.

Dr. med. Faye Gishen

She is a consultant physician in palliative medicine and a medical educator. She is the academic lead for Clinical and Professional Practice, which makes up 20% of the University College London Medical School undergraduate curriculum. She is undertaking a doctorate in medical education.

Hanna Martus

Patient Advocate, Patient Experience Designer and Design Thinker, Alumni Fellow of d•HEALTH Barcelona.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zerth

Professor of Health Economics & Academic Leader of the M. A. program „Value based management“ at Wilhelm Löhe University of Applied Sciences, Fürth

Katerina Tsekoura

Katharina Kolbe

Founded a communications agency focusing on healthcare together with her brother Thomas. Both strive for a patient focus in their work, committed to convey difficult-to-understand information and taking the needs and requirements of different perspectives within the health sector into account.

Vice President of Hellenic League Against Rheumatism, represents Greece in EULAR PARE and a Working Group Member of EULAR School of Rheumatology. Her studies include biology and business and I have worked in different industries in the private and public sector including healthcare coverage. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2007 

Len Starnes

Len Starnes is an independent Berlin-based digital healthcare consultant with clients in the biopharma and medtech industries, government health authorities, medical societies, management consultancies, and professional social networks He is also a founding signatory of the Patients Included Charters initiative. 

Marleen Kaatee

Ms Kaatee is the Founder & President of PSC Patients Europe, a ‘new style’ disease-specific patient foundation, often complementary to the already existing national (organ-based) patient associations. The foundation’s mission is to Provide Support to the European Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis Community. PSC is a rare liver disease, currently without  a cure and a treatment.

Max Williamson

Max is a UK-based biomedical science student whose past encounter with testicular cancer led to him working to raise disease awareness, for which he has won awards.

Michael Nnaji MD

Dr. Patricia Ex

Managing Director, German Managed Care Association (BMC),


Dr. med Pooja Merchant

Head of External Medical Affairs, Bayer

Richard Stephens

Joint Editor-In-Chief of BioMed Central Journal of Research Involvement and Engagement and Chair of the NCRI's Consumer Forum, a group of 92 patients and carers all actively involved in designing, delivering and disseminating cancer research. Richard also is a cancer and heart patient himself. 

Prof. Dr. med Rajan Somasundaram

Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin in Berlin. At the Charité University Hospital, he worked in internal medicine first and specialised in gastroenterology/hepatology, with his research focus being liver fibrosis/cirrhosis. Later this was paralleled by emergency medicine (EM), which is now his main clinical focus.

Ronny Allan

8 year survivor of metastatic Neuroendocrine Cancer now living with an incurable disease and has now become a patient activist campaigning for more awareness, more access to specialists and treatments and for more action to meet unmet needs globally.

Dr. med Ros Crooks

Consultant radiologist at Spire Healthcare, London

Tony Pickering

Patient and medical artist, who has recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a MSc in SciArt.

Sheena Nixon

Sheena runs a programme of projects to improve quality in delivery of mental health care and community care to patients in East London and Bedfordshire. Her work on these projects is then linked to financial payment for successful delivery.