Lessons from COVID-19

This has been a strange, and for some, devastating, year for many. Hopefully it will be just a once in a lifetime occurrence for most of us, but there are still many lessons that we can learn from this COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of us have had to deal with staying at home, not being able to see our family, friends or colleagues. This may have taken a toll on your mental wellbeing and your work if you have had to work from home. Stgilesmedical have hosted various free webinars over the past year hoping to help those who may be struggling or for anyone who just wants to learn something new!

It may be a while before we go back to normal, so it is essential that we look after our mental health and make sure that we are still using our full potential when it comes to work.

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Better homeworking in MedComms

The ongoing pandemic and move to homeworking has been a challenge for companies and staff. The recent MedComms survey of 758 respondents (17 June 2020) suggested that while many employees welcomed the change, others struggled with isolation, lack of support and strained finances.


The first part of this educational forum explores the contradictions of homeworking and seeks the experiences of a range of stakeholders. The second part looks at how we can improve homeworking. Issues addressed include room ergonomics, health and safety, good mental health, finances, human resources and contracts, mutual support, maintaining company ethos and socialising online.

Watch the whole forum recorded via Zoom here.

Mental health and resilience in times of COVID-19: lessons from history and expert discussion

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During the first COVID-19 lockdown, Stgilesmedical hosted a webinar with a panel of experts on mental health and resilience during these trying times. 

History of epidemics - lessons for COVID-19

Can we learn anything from the past to help us through this pandemic? 

Coronavirus goes viral: A global threat to humans and animals

Danny Frauenstein from Stgilesmedical wrote a short piece on the dangers of COVID-19, and how globalisation is likely to cause future pandemics, right at the start of the pandemic. An interesting read for during a coffee break.