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Coffee and registration


What patients want?

Chair: Richard Stephens (London, UK) 

Speakers: Max Williamson (London, UK), Marleen Kaatee (Amsterdam, NL) and Katerina Tsekoura (Athens, GR)

Let's talk: better communication in healthcare 

Chair: Doris Schmitt (Konstanz, DE) and Prof. Dr. med, Carlos Lifschitz (Houston, USA)

Speakers: Colleen Shannon (London, UK), Dr. med. Friederike Siedentopf (Berlin, DE) and Berit Eberhard (Berlin, DE)


Coffee and pastries/guided poster and exhibition tour


Harnessing patient experiences-for science, healthcare and policy

Chair: Achim Kautz (Cologne, DE)

Speakers: Dr. Diane Langenbacher (Munich, DE) Ingo van Thiel (Cologne, DE), Kai Ruenbrink (Frankfurt, DE), Marleen Kaatee (Amsterdam, NL) and Richard Stephens (London, UK) 

My uninvited guest: perspectives on chronic disease in young and old

Chairs:  Ronny Allan (London, UK)

Speakers: Colleen Shannon (London, UK), Prof. Dr. med. Carlos Lifschitz (Houston, USA), Bastian Hauck (Berlin, DE) and Max Williamson (London, UK) 

What should participatory medicine look like?

Chairs: Dr. med. Ros Crooks (London, UK) and  Dr. med. Michael Nnaji (Berlin, DE)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. med Andrew Krentz (London, UK) and Dr. Seun Omolade (Berlin, DE)


(Lunchtime debate) what annoys us? The patient's and doctor's view.

Chair: Prof. Dr. med. Rajan Somasundaram  (Berlin, DE)

Speakers: Dr. med. Christine Oesterling (London, UK) and Ronny Allan (London, UK)



Partnering with industry: how should patients and industry effectively collaborate? 

Chair: Len Starnes (Berlin, DE)

Speakers: Richard Stephens (London, UK). Bastian Hauck (Berlin, DE), Prof. Dr. med Andrew Krentz (London, UK) and Dr. med. Pooja Merchant (Berlin, DE) 

Ill health in women: a special case?

Chairs: Birgit Bauer (Abensberg, DE), Katerina Tsekoura (Athens, GR)

Speakers: Elisabeth Robson (Hamburg, DE), ), Marleen Kaatee (Amsterdam, NL) and Dr. med, Christine Oesterling (London, UK) 

The changing face of palliative care

Chairs: Dr. med. Adrain Tookman (London, UK) and Dr. med. Christina Gerlach (Mainz, DE)

Speakers: Dr. med. Faye Gishen (London, UK), PD Dr. med. Anne Letsch (Berlin, DE) and Ronny Allan (London, UK) 


Afternoon tea/guided poster and exhibition tour 


The psychology of illness: how to cope better?

Chair: Dr. Esther Murray (London, UK)

Speakers: Colleen Shannon (London, UK), Sheena Nixon (London, UK) and Prof. Dr. Babette Renneberg (Berlin, DE)

Patient-centered healthcare: can we afford it?

Chair: Katharina Kolbe (Meerbusch, DE) 

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zerth (Fürth, DE), Dr. Christoph Bischoff-Everding (Düsseldorf, DE) and Dr. Patricia Ex (Berlin, DE)