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Lecture theatre
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Advances in Emergency Medicine across Europe

Advances in prehospital and hospital trauma care - what is the evidence? 

Dr Bernd A. Leidel Charité

Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Opportunistic screening in the emergency department

Dr Patrick Roberts Chelsea & Westminster Hospitals, London


Better management of shortness of breath

Dr Jon Matthews Chelsea & Westminster Hospitals, London


Future of A&E telemedicine – Dr Martin Abendroth Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin

Ultrasound by emergency staff: safety, training and patients benefit? 

Dr Jon Matthews​

Perspectives in emergency medicine over the next 5 years 

Prof Rajan Somasundaram

Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin

The Christie Oncology Symposium


Dr Mark Saunders


Protons and targeted radiotherapy

Dr David Thomson


ŸCytoreductive surgery and HIPEC

Mr Malcolm Wilson

Novel techniques to monitor patients 

Mr Omer Aziz

Enhanced supportive care

Dr Richard Berman 

Novel cancer therapies, summary and vision for the future

Dr Mark Saunders 

All speakers from the Christie NHS Trust, Manchester

Room 2

Blurring of Boundaries:

Innovations and the Changing Face of Primary Care

The patient will see you now: primary care in 2030

Dr Marion Lynch NHS Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy

ŸNext Steps in 5 year forward view: New care models

Dr Mo Dewji National Clincal Lead NHS England


Merging GP practices to create new opportunities in delivery of primary care  Prof Greg Simons  (CHAIR) University of Buckingham

Room 3

Nursing Research and its Application to Improve Patient Outcomes

Dr Angela Grainger

Assistant Director of Nursing, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Visiting Professor London South Bank University & Visiting Senior Lecturer, King’s College London.

10.45-11.15 Coffee and Exhibition - Main Hall and Landing

Lecture theatre

Diabetes: Too Many Drugs? Too Many Guidelines?

Is there still a need for more diabetes drugs?

Dr Claire Stocker

Clore Life Sciences Laboratory,

University of Buckingham

Diabetes drug discovery: Past lessons and future prospects.

Dr Moh Tadayyon Clore Life Sciences Laboratory,

University of Buckingham

Diabetes prescribing guidelines: a survival guide for clinicians 

Dr Stephen Lawrence 

Primary Care Diabetes Advisor to Diabetes UK; Lecturer at the University of Warwick Medical School; Clinical Lead on Diabetes for the Royal College of General Practitioners

New cardioprotective diabetes medications –

Could combination therapy save even more lives?

Dr Bob Ryder 

Consultant Diabetologist, City Hospital Birmingham. Clinical Lead, Association of British Clinical Diabetologists - Nationwide Diabetes Audit

CHAIR: Prof Andrew Krentz Clore Life Sciences Laboratory, University of Buckingham


Room 1

Gastroenterology and Hepatology: Overview of new developments from St Marks Hospital


Update on bowel cancer screening and advances in colonoscopic endosurgery

Dr Zacharias Tsiamoulos   Research Fellow, Wolfson Endoscopy Unit


Update on treatment of viral hepatitis  

Dr Ashley Barnabas

London NW Health NHS Trust


Assessment and management of malnutrition

Dr Simon Gabe 

British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN)


Update on inflammatory bowel disease

Dr Naila Arebi  London NW Health NHS Trust


The microbiome and faecal microbiota transplantation

Dr Ravi Misra  

London NW Health NHS Trust

CHAIR: Dr Maxton Pitcher

St Mark's Hospital, Harrow, London.

Room 2

Psychology: The Link Between Disease and Mental Health, Prevention and Treatment

Psychology: The link between disease and mental health, prevention and treatment

Dr Esther Murray Queen Mary University London

Reconnecting with the world: designing interventions to help people move forward after cancer treatment

Charlotte Potter Macmillan Cancer Support UK

TANDEM: a psychologoical intervention to improve psychological and physical health in patients with advanced chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease (COPD) and anxiety or depression. 

Prof Steph Taylor -Intervention and Social Practice in Health Care Unit, Queen Mary University London 



Room 3

Networking space

12.30-14.00          Lunch, Networking, Speed Research (12:30 - 13:00) and Interactive Posters (13:00 - 13:30) 

                             Main Hall and Landing

13.30-14.00           State of the Art (Main Lecture Theatre)

                             What you need to know about genome editing: A revolution for molecular research and precision                                        medicine Dr Helge BastianThermoFisher Scientific, Carlsbad CA, USA        

Lecture theatre
Room 1

Medical Devices

Biomedical polymers and drug delivery in the treatment of cancer

Prof Andrew Lewis 

Biocompatibles UK / University of Brighton

ŸOptimising colorectal cancer screening: availability of the Epi proColon blood test 

Dr Yasmin Buchaeckert  

Epigenomics AG, Berlin

ŸMedical devices: from ideas to innovation to the future

Jon Pike 

Medtronic UK

ŸHair loss and scalp cooling: integration state of science into practice

Prof Annie Young 

University of Warwick

Early breast cancer detection with ultrasound CT

Professor Hartmut Gemmeke

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

CHAIR:Prof Abhay Pandit National University of Ireland, Galway


Better Palliative and Supportive Care:Problems and Solutions


Dying in hospital: who is missing the Liverpool Care Pathway?

Dr Antke Hagena

Middlesex University Hospital Trust

ŸManaging uncertainty

Dr Adrian Tookman

Marie Curie UK


ŸSupporting staff to enable good care at end of life

Dr Faye Gishen 

Royal Free Hospital, London

ŸIs there a God and what’s his position on palliative care?

Tony Kyriakides - Marie Curie UK

CHAIR: Dr Adrian Tookman

Marie Curie UK

Room 2

The Exciting World of Ophthalmology

What's behind the global rise in short-sightedness?

Miss Katie Williams

MRC Clinical Research Fellow and Ophthalmic Surgeon

Deep phenotyping of RPGR-associated retinopathy in preparation for future intervention

Mr James JL Tee

Institute of Ophthalmology Clinical Research Fellow and Ophthalmic Surgeon

Laser-assisted cataract surgery

Mr Harry Roberts

Clinical Research Fellow and Ophthalmic Surgeon

The retina's not just there to sit and look pretty

Mr Omar Mahroo

Moorfields Eye Hospital and St Thomas Hospital

The exciting world of ophthalmology

Mr Roger Wong (CHAIR)

Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, London

Room 3

What Patients Want from Research, and why their Involvement Matters

Introduction: Why Do We Participate In Research, And Why Do We Get Involved In Research?

Richard Stephens

Patient Representative and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Research Involvement and Engagement

Impact of research participation on researchers and patients

Dr Sophie Staniszewska 

Sr Research Fellow, University of Warwick and co-Editor-in-Chief of Research and Engagement

When and how can patient data be used, is consent necessary in every situation, and if it is, is it something researchers obtain or something that patients give?

Chris Carrigan

Former Director of the National Cancer Intelligence Network and patient involvement champion, useMYdata

Is it ethical to ask patients to participate in research if they have not been involved in its design or commission?

Jim Elliott, Public Involvement Lead, Health Research Authority, Research Involvement and Engagement UK

Whose life is it anyway? Patient involvement in QoL and PROMs

Dr Sophie Staniszewska

Sr Research Fellow, Univesity of Warwick and co-Editor-in-Chief of Research and Engagement

Your Involvement - Q&A With The Panel Members

CHAIR: Richard Stephens

Patient Representative and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Research Involvement and Engagement

15.15-15.45 Tea and Exhibition, Main Hall and Landing

Lecture theatre


Taking the Pulse of Modern Cardiology


Checking the rhythm in cardiovascular medicine: setting the scene

Dr Mamta Buch

University Hospital of South Manchester


Innovations in prevention and diagnostics: how good can we get?  

Dr Chris Miller 

University of Manchester.

Innovations in cardiac intervention: searching for the magic bullet

Dr Mamta Buch 

University Hospital of South Manchester


Delivering innovations in cardiology: can we have it all? Prof Azfar Zama 

Newcastle University

Room 1

The Future of Medical Journals and Getting Published in the Digital Age

Research identification - finding the information you are looking for and measuring its quality Michael Markie 

Associate Publisher F1000


Reviewers and reviewing issues in scientific publishing

Dr Maria Hodges 

BioMed Central’s Genome Medicine


Ensuring transparency, reproducibility and accreditation in research

Adrian Aldcroft 

Editor BMJ Open


Will journals be replaced by social media?

Dr Anna Sharman

Founder, Cofactor Science

Panel discussion: The future of medical journals and how to get data published in a digital age?

CHAIR: Dr. Beatrix Dörr

European Medical Writers Association

Room 2

Digital Medicine – a Revolution in Healthcare?


Prof Ann Blandford

University College London


Big data and personalised medicine 

Paul Thomas



Digital health lessons for leaders : finding low-hanging fruit, supporting change and avoiding failure

Andrew Beale

Optimity Advisors

Digital tools for vulnerable people: a handful of experiences

Harry Harold


Measuring the impact of scientific publications’

Ben McLeish


Challenges and future directions in digital medicine

Prof Ann Blandford  (CHAIR) University College London

Room 3

Networking space

                          State of the Art Lecture (Main Lecture Room)

17.00-17.25           Laparoscopic and robotic assisted surgery

                             Mr Chelliah Selvasekar  Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust