Past EuHIC Conferences

Both patients and healthcare professionals, as well as industry, media and politicians, need to work at making sure patients' voices are heard while tackling the current unsustainable spending within the health system.

Take a look at our conferences Patient, Heal Thyself and Putting Patients First that took place before any COVID-19 lockdowns. These were Patient Included accredited events. 

Patient, Heal Thyself May 2019


This conference in London built on practical values of managing aspects of our own illnesses ourselvesAdvances in medicine and continued support into old age do not come cheap. Governments and insurers around the world are looking at ways to control this. This usually means restricting access or limiting what they will fund.


With the slow demise of universal healthcare comes the increasing realisation that we can manage some aspects of our own illnesses ourselves. Not every ailment needs a tablet or visit to the clinic. This might include early reporting of ‘red flag’ signs, being better prepared for a visit to the doctor, self-management of anxiety, improved nutrition, more exercise, greater uptake of non-drug treatments etc.

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Putting Patients First May 2018


This conference in Berlin provided a platform for productive debate on patient-centric participatory medicine, taking into consideration the views of representatives from every corner of the healthcare spectrum. A topic that was raised frequently was the importance of patient-doctor communication. Both parties can derive great benefit from direct and open discussion during consultations.  

A topic that sparked great debate was patient involvement in medical science and practice. Industry and healthcare providers alike would gain from working closely with patients at all stages of developing medical guidance. It was highlighted that the patient's voice is an untapped resource of colossal significance. Future developments in healthcare would benefit from the medical community paying close attention to the voice of the patient.

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Roger Wilson CBE is a former journalist and consultant in TV, including working in production for BBC. He was diagnosed with sarcoma in 1999 and has since become a respected patient advocate. He believes that the more we can empower patients to speak out, the better we can make the landscape for all patients

The EuHIC conference Dec 2016

EuHIC 2016, held at Imperial College London, covered a broad range of cutting edge research and technology. This eBook provides a comprehensive collection of the lectures given at EuHIC’s inaugural event, making this a unique sourcebook of educational material from distinguished contributors.

Download the EuHIC 2016 ebook here.