Patient-centered healthcare: can we afford it?

"Consumer driven health care seems to be a new paradigm for health care delivery. What does this really mean with respect to effectiveness, quality and preference-based health care?" Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zerth.

“Patients self-government is growing with eased access to structured supplier information, medical knowledge and treatment options. Thus the dissymetrical information levels between physicians and patients will adjust, paternalistic medicine was yesterday.“ Dr. Christoph Bischoff-Everding

Katharina Kolbe (below) will be chairing this session. Katharina founded a communications agency focusing on healthcare together with her brother Thomas. Both strive for a patient focus in their work, committed to convey difficult-to-understand information and taking the needs and requirements of different perspectives within the health sector into account.

Further topics will include:

Ethics and Competition in Health Economy – Really a contradiction? Prof. Dr.

Jürgen Zerth, Professor of Health Economics & Academic Leader of the M. A. program "Health Economics and Ethics“ at Wilhelm Löhe University of Applied Sciences, Fürth.

 Real World Evidence in Pricing Strategies.  Dr. Christoph Bischoff-Everding, CEO, HGC Healthcare Consultants GmbH, Düsseldorf.

Patient-oriented business development and incentives in healthcare companies.

 Dr. Patricia Ex, Managing Director, German Managed Care Association (BMC), Berlin.