Ill health in women: a special case? 

This is controversial, but important none the less. Although healthcare systems help those with chronic illness, there are unavoidable financial, social, psychological costs attached. For the first time, we will be exploring and discussing these disadvantages from the perspective of women.

Birgit Bauer (below) is responsible for this session and has been carefully developing it over the last few months. Having multiple sclerosis for nearly 15 years herself, Birgit has become a renowned advocate for others in similar positions across Europe. 

The session will revolve around a European wide survey, organised by Birgit, focussing on the disadvantages faced by woman living with chronic disease, of which the results will be discussed. There will also be support from an experienced panel of experts including representatives from Merck. Further sub-topics will include: 

Elisabeth Robson (left) will touch on the basics of health economy. 

Katerina Tsekoura (right) will discuss from the perspective of women in Greece.

Finally, the session will finish with a panel discussion, including all our speakers, representatives from Merck and Marleen Kaatee, founder of PSC Europe. 

This really is a first, and not a session to be missed.