For Patients

Being a patient can be tough. Suddenly you are thrust into a role controlled by others and it can be hard to find the right information with so much of it out there. You may feel like your perspective is often not thought about even though you are the patient in need of care. Take a look at our previous EuHIC conferences that discuss the importance of the patient's voice, and what patients and healthcare professionals can do together to improve the patient's experience

It has been a struggle this year for most, whether it be due to work, loneliness or finances, it has taken a toll on many of our mental health's. Have a read about what we can learn from this pandemic and how we can apply it to our lives even after everything (hopefully) goes back to normal. 

Keep scrolling to see a short, thought-provoking film made during the COVID-19 pandemic last year about starting important conversations about how we live, from now until the very end of our lives.

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What matters to you?

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Watch this short film produced by the EOLC Partners Think Tank during 2020 to help you get talking about what matters to you.

Asking ourselves 'What matters to me?' helps us plan for the future. Our answers could be about family, jobs, holidays, education, where we live, what we eat, what we love to do... the list is long.


Knowing what matters can play a huge part in helping to make our lives enjoyable and worthwhile. 'What matters to me?' is still important at the very end of our lives, too. For most of us that's a long time away. But it's never too early to talk to our family and friends about 'What matters'.


Sharing with others helps to make sure that any help or care we might need in the future, when we’re ill or facing difficulties, matches up with our preferences. It can help our family and friends to support us in our choices.

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Sitting at your desk all day can cause damage to your back, shoulders and neck if your don't have a good posture. Read this short article to:

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  • Find tips to improve your posture

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