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Explore this page if you are looking to improve your skills as a medical writer or you are thinking of becoming a medical writer.

Delivering a successful medical conference

The ability to deliver a successful medical meeting is essential in the role of a medical writer. The European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) held a conference as part of an Expert Seminar Series in 2017 on How to Deliver a Successful Medical Conference. 

The objectives were to:

  • Understand the different types of scientific meetings and where they fit into the medical communication strategy.

  • Gain knowledge about regulations and compliance issues surrounding company sponsored and non-sponsored events.

  • How to apply for UK and European CPD accreditation.

  • The pros and cons of seeking approval.

  • Learn to develop effective content.

  • Select a strong faculty and choose an appropriate location.

  • Appreciate the outputs required before, during and after the meeting.

  • Obtain an overview of the practical aspects of meeting delivery.

  • Understand the financial aspects of meeting delivery.

  • Be able to measure success and impact.

  • Know how to avoid/manage disappointments and disasters.

If this is something that you think you can benefit from, don't worry, you can download the conference brochure here which contains all the slides and notes.

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Essentials for new professionals

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New in the medical writing field? You may not appreciate the varied nature of the discipline you are entering and your important part within it. There is no point in undertaking great research unless the results are widely and clearly disseminated. Similarly, the contribution made by innovators in the laboratory and the needs of healthcare professionals and patients are easily forgotten. 

In this guide developed by Stgilesmedical, we introduce core aspects of medical, regulatory and device writing, and provide information on advancing your career along with some hard-learned survival tips

Download the Essentials of Healthcare Communication for New Professionals here.

Good medical writing saves lives

Read this engaging essay written by a former medic, discussing the statement 'good medical writing saves lives'.


Download the article here. 

An introduction to medical affairs

Download the article here. 

Medical writers will increasingly find themselves supporting medical affairs activities or, indeed, transitioning to jobs within medical affairs departments. But, what does this field allied to medical communications involve? To learn more, read this literature review and interview with two senior medical affairs professionals.

Writing for pharmaceutical or medical device companies

The spectrum of medical writing activities across the pharmaceutical and device industries is vast. Read this survey of entry requirements, career paths, quality of life, and personal observations if you are interested in joining the field. 

Click here to download the article here. 


Fancy being a medical journalist?

What are the differences between medical journalism and medical writing? Stgilesmedical reviewed several health-related publications and online resources, and interviewed two senior medical journalists to found out. So, you want to be a medical journalist? Read this review to find out more.

Download here.