Digital Medicine - a revolution in health care?

Prof Ann Blandford

Professor of Human–Computer Interaction, UCL


Ann Blandford is Professor of Human–Computer Interaction at University College London and Director of the UCL Institute of Digital Health. She is an expert on human factors for health technologies, and particularly on how to design systems that fit well in their context of use. She is involved in several research projects studying health technology design, patient safety and user experience. These include both hospital and home technologies, for use by professionals and the rest of us. The question that motivates her research is: how can we design and deploy health technology that really works for people, rather than technology that forces us into undesirable modes of working, that causes stress, or that is rejected as not being fit for purpose? She has published widely on the design and use of interactive health technologies, and on how technology can be designed to better support people’s needs and values.



Paul Thomas

Industry Lead for Health and Care, Digital Advisory Services, Microsoft UK


As an Enterprise Architect in the Digital Advisory Services Practice at Microsoft UK, Paul leads Microsoft’s engagement with Health and Social Care. He has been with Microsoft for 15 years in a number of Public Sector engagements including Ministry of Defence where he led projects in Aerospace and Defence focusing on the use of the internet for secure collaboration.

Paul is currently working with Kent County Council and with a health provider on their Digital Transformation strategies in Health and Social Care, focusing on the implementation of Microsoft’s cloud and connected health platform that embraces personal health records and wearable devices to encourage citizens to engage with their own health and establish new ways of digital engagement with professional health and care.

Prior to Microsoft, Paul worked in NHS IT for 13 years in Health Informatics.


Andrew Beale



Andrew has over 25 years’ experience supporting healthcare and other organisations leverage digital assets and opportunities to improve outcomes and drive efficiency through changes in the way that services are delivered. A leader in Optimity’s Digital and Information Management practice, Andrew has a substantial track record of working internationally and locally to personalise care.



Harry Harold

Director, Neontribe

In the first dot-com boom, Harry helped take an Internet security start up from 3 employees to acquisition by Sun Microsystems. Since leaving software marketing, he’s been helping organisations think about how their objectives relate to their peoples, designing interactions in the resulting projects, and making the best decisions possible about the products that come out of them. He occasionally speaks at conferences, usually about the things he's learned about making developing software less painful and more effective. He's particularly proud of his work on Neontribe's projects for social good: Mind Of My Own, Doc Ready and the Great British Public Toilet Map amongst others.



Ben McLeish



Ben has worked for 12 years in the information industry, focusing on library technologies and data. He has been at Altmetric as their Product Sales manager since 2014. He previously brought Proquest's Summon to the market in 2010 and has worked at the American Chemical Society and Wiley.