The European Health Innovation Collaborative

Berlin 18 May 2018

The European Health Innovation Collaborative

Berlin 18 May 2018

For patients and professionals alike

We all require treatment at some point in our lives, however the patient's voice is often ignored in research and unheard at healthcare conferences. Real-world evidence is highly valuable and provides an honest reflection of individual experiences. Quality of life is as important as striving for a cure. Our aim is to learn from all stakeholders in the patients’ health journey, patients themselves, relatives and carers, health professionals, the pharma and device industries, payers and providers, the media and politicians.

Who should attend?

  • Patients, relatives, carers and their representatives

  • All healthcare professionals involved in patient care

  • Representatives from pharma, medical devices, biotech and digital health

  • Researchers and educationalists

  • Healthcare payers and provider organisations such as insurance companies and hospital managers

  • Medical journalists and medical communication professionals

  • Politicians

  • The curious and all those seeking to improve healthcare

'Paperwork' by Tony Pickering, a UK based artist and patient. This image represents the 'information ocean' that the patient is often exposed to. He will be exhibiting his 'The Art of Being a Patient' collection at EuHIC 2018. Click here to find out more.