• We are now decided on our programme topics. Chairs and speakers will follow shortly

  • The meeting is in English

  • The format is relaxed symposium-style

  • We will deliver a concise update on issues of interest to patients, relatives and carers, issues which in turn should be of importance to all stakeholders

  • The programme is deliberately broad-based allowing delegates to inform themselves across a number of related topics.


Overview of topics:

  • Participatory and personalised medicine

  • Updates in healthcare & technologies

  • The patients’ perspective

  • Improving communication between patients and HCPs

  • Coping with illness

  • Disease prevention

  • Patient support groups

  • Involvement in teaching and research

  • Economical and ethical issues

  • Working with pharma and medtech industry

  • Needs of an ageing population

  • Palliative medicine.

'Dementia's Breaking Sky', by Tony Pickering. Image of Tony’s Father, developed using his own words, turned into colour which describes his mental deterioration due to Alzheimer’s Disease. Click here for more information on this collection.

Parallel sessions

  • Delegates are free to choose from parallel sessions taking place simultaneously across 3-4 meeting rooms. There will also be discussion groups, research presentations and an exhibition area

  • Each session will be delivered by 3-5 experts in their field under the direction of a respected lead, whose role will be keep speakers to time (10-12 minutes), allow plenty of opportunity for questions and conclude with a short keynote address.


  • An essential feature will be the opportunity for formal and informal networking between speakers and delegates. The day will end with a relaxed drinks and canapé event with musical accompaniment.