The Changing Face of Palliative Care

“This is the second EuHIC conference I have taken part in. I am keen to challenge myths and inaccuracies about palliative care and make it less daunting and more accessible for patients” Faye Gishen.

The term ‘palliative care’ carries a certain level of fear for the patient. But should this be the case? End-of-life treatment is undoubtedly a part of it, then again many patients continue to have fruitful lives following diagnosis of an incurable disease.

“Whilst it’s not wrong to make that association, more work needs to be done to cater for the growing numbers of ‘incurable but treatable’ who are not ‘terminal’ and still need this type of support, in some ways like you would with a chronic condition” Ronny Allan “Palliative Care – it might just save your life

The P word evidently has different meanings depending on patient circumstances. Regardless, there is certainly more to it than some people’s perception of only terminal treatment and hospice care.

At EuHIC 2018, the multidiscipline doctor-scientist-patient panel will provide an introduction to palliative care, the UK and German perspective and some thought-provoking concepts that will help redefine the term and change our views.


Join Dr. med Adrian Tookman, Christina Gerlach, Faye Gishen and Ronny Allan and expect discussion on: 

  • Brief history of palliative care.

  • UK vs Germany (medical-nursing model vs anti-medical model). 

  • Survivorship.

  • Non-cancer.

  • Uncertainty in prognosticating.

  • Patients as partners-death of paternalistic model of care.

  • Social media.

  • Blogs.

  • Metrics.

  • Finances.

  • Let’s talk about sex in palliative care.

  • Opioids, long term sequelae.

  • Cancer as a chronic disease eg. immunotherapy.